Did you know that 30 minutes of exercise can reduce a lifetime of chronic diseases?? Or that exercises have been shown to improve one’s mood??

On this week’s episode of educational nuggets, we will be looking at what EXERCISE really is and its benefits.

Exercise is any form of bodily activity that helps maintain or enhance physical fitness and burn calories.

According to the WHO, you need at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity a day to live a healthy life. Every adult should throw out the idea that “if you’re not doing the most grueling, sweat-drenching workout for more than an hour it doesn’t count” because it significantly does.

Interestingly, our day-to-day lives involve a form of exercise from walking, cycling, swimming and even farming. You just have to be more intentional about it.

Benefits of exercise include:
1. Prevents chronic diseases – lack of exercise or a sedentary lifestyle have been proven risk factors for chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Interestingly, just half an hour of physical activities per day can help prevent this, prolong life and leave you feeling young and energetic.

2. Gives you that body goal – be it flat stomach, rock hard abs, or a perfect bum, exercise is your go-to friend in helping you achieve this. If you think you don’t need to exercise because you already have that summer body, it might interest you to know that you need it to maintain that shape.

3. Makes you happier – physical activity produces changes in parts of the brain that regulate stress and anxiety. It increases the production of a substance called endorphins in the brain, which is known to help produce positive feelings. So rather than feel down and sulk over an occurrence, how about you put on your workout clothes and hit the gym? I can assure you that you’d feel hugely better!

4. Makes you stronger – I bet champion wrestlers like Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar dedicated years of their lives to working out to attain that level of strength. Are you usually not strong enough to carry heavy items like your colleagues? You know what to do!

The benefits of this underperformed act are limitless. I implore you, get on your feet, wear comfortable clothes and give your body that daily dose of goodness called exercise. Remember, any amount of exercise is better than no exercise!


By Dike Emmanuella.

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