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November 2022
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04 November 2022
Prebooking for surgical cases- Call: 07060986371; 09044865685, Onpetu of IjeruLand Palace
July 2022
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Oyo State Free Mega Surgical Outreach
Pre-Surgery Registration@ Our Office, Block R Suite 9, Joke Plaza, Beside Transamusement Park, Bodija
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Imeke (Badagry LGA) Mega-Outreach
RCCG, Lagos Province 91, Imeke, Badagry, Lagos state., RCCG, Lagos Province 91, Imeke, Badagry, Lagos state.
Badagry, Lagos Nigeria

History of check medical missions

The Burden
Since my people are crushed,
I am crushed.
I mourn, and horror grips me.
Is there no balm in GILEAD, is there no physician there?
Why then is there no healing for the wounds of my people”.
– Jeremiah

The Pioneers
Adeleye and Omotayo met in 2012 as medical volunteers for the Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF) during their National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Adamawa state. They were moved by the high morbidity and mortality rates, especially of women and children in the rural communities as they regularly participated in the medical outreaches (rural rugged) of the state.

Omotayo is a veterinary doctor by training and usually served at the pharmacy department. She was also the State treasurer of the organization, while Adeleye is a medical doctor who usually led the consultation department. He was also appointed as the chief medical personnel of the organization.

Their excellent working relationship helped them to cater for hundreds of …

Creating a healthier world

Our causes

We teach



At CHECK Medical Missions, in line with our mission to create healthier communities and kinships, we believe that one basic way to achieve our goals is to create opportunities for people to learn about their individual and community health, and learn skills to make informed decisions about their health.

Over the years, we have worked to ensure that while we reach out to communities through our medical outreaches comprising free consultations, treatments and surgeries; we empower them to become more knowledgeable about and henceforth improve their health.

Our goal for health education is Home, School and Community Health. This we achieve through our vibrant teams:  The Professional and students arms. The Students arm is our group of student members who reach out periodically to schools (secondary and primary schools), for health talks and sensitization and in turn reach their homes. The professional arm reaches out to the larger community during our major outreaches.

Our strategies for health education include:

1) Observation: we monitor and observe health trends prevalent in certain communities by data collected during our outreaches to those communities and make necessary interventions.

2) Communication: we relay health education to host communities in their local languages. We teach, interact, follow up and receive feedback on their progress.

3) Leveraging: we leverage on the influence of community leaders, traditional rulers, religious leaders, school management and other relevant agencies to influence community members in matters relating to their health

Health Education is important to us at CHECK because:

1) Our goal is to create healthier communities and Kinships.

2) We desire to see people become empowered decision makers in matters relating to their health.

3) We believe that Nigeria can become one of the healthiest countries in Africa by 2030.

General consultation is basically an official and confidential encounter between the physician and the patient/client with activities geared towards the effective and efficient management of the patient/client.

Public Health Importance:

Consultation helps in the identification of impending clinical conditions and prevention of them; treatment of already established clinical conditions irrespective of their stages; and possible rehabilitation where complications have occurred from such clinical conditions.

Activities involved and outcome include:

1) A detailed history taking from the patient/client or a third party with reliable information

2) Examination of the patient/client to elicit clinical signs

3) Requesting laboratory and/or radiological investigations having arrived at provisional diagnoses

 4) Reaching a definitive diagnosis and a review of the prognosis

5) A definite plan for the management of the patient/client which may include: reassurance, watchful waiting, counselling, multidisciplinary care, issuing out drugs via prescriptions, referrals where indicated with feedbacks, and surgical procedures where applicable.

6) Optimum Follow up of the patient/client.

Effect on the people/community:

1) Access to timely care at highly subsidized or no cost

2) Proper diagnosis and standard management practices of presented clinical conditions

3) Identification of prevalent clinical conditions amongst a people or in a community for research purposes.

4) Identification of high risk patients in all medical fields.

5) Identification of notifiable illnesses of public health concern

6) Proper referral system where applicable.

7) Improvement of the overall health of the people or community

8) Improvement in health education and health participation of the people or community

We Listen



We Focus



The optometry arm of C.H.E.C.K is saddled with the responsibility of providing basic eye care to host communities. This is achieved through the help of eye care professionals (optometrists), corp optometrists and optometry students.

Basic eye care comprises of every procedure undertaken to provide primary eye care in order to restore eye health. These include but not limited to visual acuity test, preliminary eye examination, refraction, ophthalmoscopy, eye pressure test (tonometry), prescription of lenses and drugs and ocular first aid.

With the consideration that a vast majority of outreach attendees are above the 40, eye care needs during medical outreaches are mostly senile cataract and presbyopia. These two eye conditions make up 65-70% of eye complaints and will require the dispensing of ocular aids in the form of reading glasses (N/B: Most cataract cases are matured and would require cataract surgery).

This department is therefore tasked with the responsibility of procuring these reading aids with consideration of age. The rest 30-35% of cases are distributed along the lines of trauma, refractive error, and different forms of conjunctivitis.

Also, worthy of note are degenerative eye conditions which are chronic in nature especially among the elderly, among which are glaucoma, age- related macular degeneration and retinopathies(as a result of ill-managed diabetes and hypertension). In these cases, the department is expected to make appropriate referrals for close monitoring and care.

Other services would include counseling and health education.

For seamless and effective care during the outreaches, the optometry unit is expected to have the following equipment/instruments for basic eye care:

  •  Visual acuity (distant and near) chart
  • Trial lens case
  • Trial frame
  • Opthalmoscope
  • Tonometer
  • Pen torch
  • Cotton tip applicator
  • Cotton wool
  • Methylated spirit

With the inclusion of the various dioptre power of reading glasses.

The following are drugs which are commonplace in eye units during medical outreaches:

  • Antibiotic eyedrops/ointments
  • Anti-allergic eyedrops
  • NSAIDs eyedrops
  • Eye lubricants
  • Beta-blockers (Timolol (0.5%)for reducing eye pressure)
  • Steroidal eyedrops ( to be dispensed with great care)
  • Steroids tablets (preferably 5mg)
  • NSAIDs tablets (preferably 50mg)
  • Anti-histamine tablets
  • Vitamins (Vit. A, B, C & D)
  • Sterile water (for irrigation)
  • Diamox and Slow-K (in case of emergencies )

The optometry arm of C.H.E.C.K is saddled with the responsibility of providing basic eye care to host communities. This is achieved through the help of eye care professionals (optometrists), corp optometrists and optometry students.

The Pharmacy team is composed of committed professionals, students-in-training and volunteers that work together to ensure the provision of medicines to the patients we attend to while ensuring that the right dose of the right medicine in the right form is given to the right patient for the right duration.

The unit is very keen on inter-professional collaboration for the ultimate good of the patient. The services rendered by the unit include:

  • Dispensing,
  • Medication counselling,
  • Medication review, as well as
  • Providing some first-hand training for students in the aspects of pharmacotherapy, medication counselling and inter-professional relationships.

Since its inception, the unit has been able to procure and provide medicines for patients that CHECK has been able to reach out to for free (thanks to the contribution of partners).

We have also been able to refill prescriptions for some patients treating chronic medical conditions at no cost to them.

The unit understands that out-of-pocket payment of medicines is a major hindrance to accessing healthcare by many people and providing some of these medicines for free.

Pari passu free medical consultations can help to address some unmet health needs.

The unit has also been able to work on an essential drug list alongside other medical teams to guide procurement.

The unit remains committed to expanding the range of services it can offer as well as expanding the list of medications available with the help of our partners and donors.

We dispense








I appreciate C.H.E.C.K, without collecting money from me. God will continue to prosper you.
Mrs. Afusat Lasisi
From Osupa

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Dates, venues, and details


June, 2021



We will be having a medical outreach in Abeokuta in June 2021.

Aug.., 2021


Leadership academy

We will be having a leadership academy in August, 2021.

SEpt., 2021



We will be having a medical outreach in OFIKI L.G.A of Ibadan in September 2021.

Nov., 2021


Ojeru, Ogomoso south lga,
oyo state

We will be having a medical outreach in Ogbomoso, Ogbomoso North Local Government Area, Osun state, Nigeria on 12 – 14th November, 2021.

Ongoing Project

ofiki mission hospital

100 million naira budget (building & equipping of the hospital).

What our beneficiaries are saying

Our testimonials

"I had a surgery for breast lump. Since yesterday, I have been operated on; I feel better. I am very grateful."
Mrs. Akintola Felicia
"My son was operated of hernia. The operation was successful. I appreciate the organizers."
Mr. Adedeji Abiodun
"I am a tailor. I have been experiencing this swollen ears for the past three years now which have affected my business. I appreciate God for the favour. God bless the organizers."
Mrs. Ayoade Janet
I heard from the radio about the free medical surgery. They did not collect money from us."
Mrs. Waidat Muftaudeen
Asepeda. Ogbomoso

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